Thursday, September 29, 2005

...and the Native Hipsters

One of the things we do here is gather together the musical history of south-east London so it's with great interest that Richard Sanderson has bought the continued existence of ...and the Native Hipsters to Transpontine's, and everone elses, attention on his livejournal blog.
Interesting history and sound:
"Tom Fawcett was also multi blessed with the ability to force squawking sounds out of inanimate objects. He played the early synth Wasp on Concorde. He throttled that thing to death, wringing every last ounce of twiddleiness out of it. Tom was squatting with Jim Moir in New Cross. They recorded a few things together. Tom went on to form 'Design for Living'. I'm not sure what happened to Jim."
Like all right thinking folk, they're now planning "the future". Only Forward, as I used to say. I expect to see them gigging at the Montrgue Arms pretty soon.

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