Friday, September 16, 2005

P.O.L.E. Dance

P.O.L.E. Dance and The Dirty Pins, Little Death and OK Junior this Saturday, 17th September, door 9pm to 2am. This is within the be-tiled walls of The Walpole, New Cross Road which is right by New Cross tube and train station and not too far from New Cross Gate tube and train and Deptford Bridge DLR.

Not heard of Little Death but, le Petit Mort, like it, that name promises wry and kinky fun or pretentious nonsense. Who knows? Could help you out with OK Junior either.

Still, it's music, its late drinking on a Saturday night; it's a possible boogie and brush against someone with asymmetrical hair and a pleasing, patterned nylon top. It's what life's all about.

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