Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Want to Tell you a Story

It's not all blues soaked wizards, god killing punk rockers and anarcho-psycho-geographers at Transpontine, y'know. Well you probably didn't know, probably because it's not true, we're old and cheese-ridden and folky. We like beardy things like morris dancing, real ale and entering pickling competions (I am, in fact, holder of first prize in the 2004 Dog & Bell Pickle festival, Pickle section.)
As well at the Dance of the Morris, the folk sessions in Greenwich and chugging the old pint of Sarsen Stone Ale, we also enjoy a good story-telling session and, while it's easier to do than play the melodian or expertly pickle a shallot, a would-be story teller does, often, still require a bit of guidance.
So here comes the "People Like Us" Storytelling workshops for adults at the Old Royal Naval College.
Details are: "An introduction to storytelling through the lives of the ordinary folk who have given Greenwich its rich heritage: immigrants and emigrants; slaves and pressed men; women where you’d least expect them: all travellers on the Thames and beyond.

This short course introduces basic storytelling techniques using traditional tales, and goes on to look at how those skills can be used with historically based stories.

Workshop leaders: June Peters, a nationally renowned storyteller and Rich Sylvester, creator of the “Journey Through Time” Greenwich story walks

The workshop is being run three times, offering a choice of day and time:
Friday 23 September 10.00am - 2.00pm
Sunday 25 September 11.00am - 3.00pm
Wed 28 & Thurs 29 September 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Cost:£5 full price, £3 concessions

The workshops are part of the Greenwich Maritime Stories Project run by the Storytelling-in-Hope Club, in partnership with the Greenwich Foundation, which has been researching local, maritime stories.

The climax of the project is Yarns, Shanties and Good Red Herring, a community storytelling performance of these stories in the Admiral’s House at the Old Royal Naval College on Sunday 27 November 2005.

Workshop participants will be offered the opportunity to take part in this performance.

For more details and bookings please contact Pennie Hedge, telephone 020 8699 0675 or
Story-telling is the greatest, lo-fi, scaled down form of entertainment there is and it would be great if this was a sucess. I am thinking of tootling along myself.


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Scott Wood said...

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Zannie Rose said...

I went along to the friday event and had a fun time..plan to continue later in the year, so anyone thinking about going..highly recommended

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