Monday, January 21, 2008

Her Husband was a Woman

Our earlier South London Drag post only considered men dressing as women. The Review bookshop in Peckham is holding a book launch/talk on women cross-dressing as men on Thursday 24th January (6.30). The author, Alison Oram, is a local resident. Here's the book blurb: "This pioneering study of women's gender-crossing explores the popular press to analyse how women's cross-gender behaviours and same-sex desires were presented to ordinary working-class and lower middle-class people. It breaks new ground in focusing on the representation of female sexualities within the broad sweep of popular culture rather than in fiction and professional literature. Her Husband was a Woman! exposes real-life case studies from the British tabloids of women who successfully passed as men in everyday life, perhaps marrying other women or fighting for their country.Illustrated with newspaper cuttings and postcards the book is a fascinating and essential resource for researchers and students, and an accessible study for the general reader."

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