Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mouse in Nettleton Road

We have chronicled before the various musical/subcultural connections with Nettleton Road in New Cross. Over at Green Galloway, Alistair has posted some information about Mouse (Sharon Beaumont), a Nettleton Road resident in the 1980s. Mouse played bass with various bands including Psychic TV, The Royal Family and the Poor, Fire & Ice and Feast of Hunger. She was also part of the Kill Your Pet Puppy zine collective, a poet and occultist.


Unknown said...

"Somebody else told me that she [Mouse] used to be involved in World Serpent records and it ran from an office by The Venue in New Cross. Is this true?"

I am fairly certain Mouse was not involved directly, but she may have contributed to records distributed/ released by World Serpent.

Doing some quick checking, if World Serpent started in 1989, Mouse was living in Hackney by then. At the time World Serpent ceased trading (2004) they were at Unit 717 Seager Buildings Brookmill Road, London
SE8 4HL, England.


Transpontine said...

Thanks for that Alistair, you have at least established that World Serpent was based, at least at the end, in Deptford - and with some other continuities which I will ponder and get back to you.

James said...

I lived next door to the Test Department, on Nettleton Road, in the early 80s, I don't particularly remember hearing their music, but I remember being filmed or photographed for some artwork or something, I know it's all vague, but i was only born in 1979 so I was but a little one.

I also remember that during practice one day their ceiling collapsed.

Nettleton Road was a great place, full of musicians and artists, punks and hippies from Britain and Europe, I remember there being a big 'Fuck the Royal Wedding' street party when Charles and Di got married and we had a food coop in number 22 (I think it was 22). All distant memories today.