Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lucky 7s at The Gowlett

Finally made it to the Review Bookshop in Peckham this week and it was well worth a visit - a good selection of fiction and art books, plus birthday cards and present ideas. As well as buying some books, as you do, I picked up a flyer for a regular Thursday night event at the The Gowlett Arms (Gowlett Road, SE15). Lucky 7s is 'a night dedicated to the 7" single', with punters encourageed to 'bring yer own, play yer own'. Basic rules are 1 deck, no mixing, maximum 7 each, if they like it. It runs from 9 pm to 12. I haven't checked out this night yet, but I can vouch for it being a good pub -CAMRA South East pub of the year 2005 - with even better pizza.

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