Friday, April 25, 2008

Transpontine TV 3: Camberwell

The latest broadcast is themed around Camberwell... (if any of the tracks don't show in your viewer, click on here to watch the lot)

1. House of Love – Shine On – Camberwell indie darlings from 1990

2. KLF - 3am Eternal –KLF HQ was Jimmy Cauty’s house in Camberwell.

3. Pink Floyd – See Emily Play – early Floyd with Syd Barrett, some time Camberwell Art College student

4. Basement Jaxx - Red Alert – they once recorded a track called ‘I live in Camberwell’, sure at least one of them did too.

5. Withnal and I – the famous Camberwell Carrot scene.

6. Joe Jackson – It’s different for girls – apparently lived at 69 Camberwell Grove in the early 80s and sometimes drank in the Grove Tavern.

7. Roxy Music - Virgina Plain – started out rehearsing in a Camberwell bedsit

8. Kode9 & Spaceape – 9 Samurai –Kode9, hippest thing in Camberwell 2008

9. Mystery Jets - Young Love – two of them went to Camberwell Art College, this is their latest single ‘Young Love’, featuring Laura Marling.

10. Mixmaster Morris – Mr Nubient, SE5. This is a Japanese animated video of his remix of Julia by Nuno Felipe (2005).

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