Sunday, April 20, 2008

Adelle Stripe/Entertaining Mr Sloane

Here's Brutalist poet Adelle Stripe reading her poem Veronica - which is all about a grave in Camberwell Old Cemetery in Forest Hill Road/Honor Oak. She mentions Joe Orton in this - the 1970 film version of his play Entertaining Mr Sloane was filmed in the area, including in the gatehouse to the cemetery.

Kath (played by Beryl Reid) comes across Sloane (Peter McEnery) lounging in the cemetery.

She invites him to come and stay with her, pointing out the cemetery gatehouse where she lives and saying 'lovely piece of building that'.

(Post updated November 2012. While the Keepers Gatehouse in the film is definitely in Camberwell Old Cemetery, someone who visited earlier this year said he couldn't find the graves shown and wondered whether those scenes were actually shot somewhere else. See also discussion at Reel Streets, where it is suggested that the graves are in Camberwell Old Cemetery and that the now demolished chapel there can be seen in that scene, behind Reid in the first of the stills above. What do others think?)

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