Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bzz, Bzzzz

Art and music and noise on Thursday with arts collective They Did What They Could presenting Transpontine's favorite national grid botherers Strange Attractor vs. Disinformation, plus:

devour MEAT DUNGEON's macabre electro-acoustic delicacies (myspace)
sing ONE MILLION HOUSES' digital odes to love and loss
jack to URLAUBSHITS (LIVE) on the dancefloor, from acid house to cosmic disco (
and twist the wires of the chaotic GLITCH-A-SKETCH
plus AD HOC's rotating jukebox of early machine music, radiophonics and analogue classics (
We're also delighted to be offering FREE WRAY+NEPHEW RUM AND MIXER from 8pm to 10pm, or until the barrels run out, so drink your hearts out.
As always, free entry.
How to get here... (Escape Bar, 214-216 Railton Road)

All for free. With free rum. Possibly the best offer I've had since the chance I had, back in May, to drink my own blood content in free wine next to the remains a dinosaur and a pickled shrew at the Grant Museum.


Transpontine said...

Welcome back King of the Skitsters! Excuse my slight edit of adding in the address.

Scott Wood said...

Thanks for that - bit out of practice old bean.