Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Fallen

The Man from Catford is apparently calling it a day. Shame, but we'll see... I've known a few people to retire from blogging whose addiction kicks back in sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile Slightly Lost in the World seems to have not only ceased posting but deleted the entire blog - the end of that particular gay cyclist perspective on Brockley life.

I can understand the sense of getting sick of it all and wanting to wipe away what you've written, especially if you've exposed more of yourself than you're comfortable with. But generally I hope that even if people decide to stop blogging they leave what they've written in the past up there - as a sometime historian I appreciate how useful these first hand primary sources might be to future historians trying to understand what people are doing and thinking today. Anyway, I am sure that everything any of us have ever written online is cached somewhere - maybe it's an illusion that we can ever really delete anything.

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