Thursday, July 03, 2008

Made in Deptford

Various things going on as part of Made in Deptford this weekend, perhaps the most promising is the MAD CAP MARDI GRAS PARADE to be held on Sunday 6th July, 11am to 1pm, in Deptford High Street - 'The MADCAP Coalition, with Dr Burnheart Gloss, Pocket the Clown and the RUR Rough Music Processing Band invite one and all to fling open your drawers, put on your glad rags and a fancy hat, run into the kitchen, select utensils; a wooden spoon, pots and pans – just something to bang! A hooter to whistle or a kazoo, make a shaker from a milk bottle and beans, take an empty cereal packet – stick it on yer ‘ead or get out the scissors and paints – cut out and colour a mask'.

RUR is Rediscovered Urban Rituals (including David Aylward) who helped put on the fine Deptford Jack in the Green procession in 2006. They are also involved this Saturday in the Alternative Village Fete outside the National Theatre on the South Bank.

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