Friday, August 01, 2008

Ghost Rider

London: hot, smelly and yet, once you get out of the west end, pleasingly empty over August. So why not get on your bike?

London story magazine One Eye Grey, artisan grid-iron vendors Witcomb Cycles and intimidatingly-thighed peddlers Southwark Cyclists present two sociable, after work guided rides (same ride, two different days) called Fright Bikes.

Meeting at Southwark Needle on the south end of London Bridge at 6.30pm, Thursday 7 and 28th of August. Tours are free and last about two hours please register your interest through One Eye Grey or Southwark Cyclists.

Ghostly polar bears, well hung pirates, the origin of the jolly roger, ghostly barmaids and phantom hunts can be expected to be mentioned if not actually seen. Two scary cycle rides from London Bridge to Deptford with occasional stops to hear ghastly tales and local folklore. Ending up in the lovely Dog and Bell in Prince Street, Deptford around 8.30pm....shadows permitting.

On the subject of One Eye Grey, Issue 5 has been out a couple of months now, offering seven fantastical London stories for £2.50. South East London features in tw stories, my own effort The Temple of Bacchus, the alternative history of a Camberwell offie and a sinster tale of an Anerley raven.

It can be bought from these vendors, and is always looks out for further stockists.

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