Friday, August 15, 2008

White Hart Lap Dancing Application Refused

Lewisham Council's Licensing Committee last night rejected the application from the landlord of the White Hart in New Cross for a license for lap dancing, pole dancing and stripping. Apparently the meeting was well attended, with nine objectors speaking. The committee retired for an hour and a half before announcing its decision (there are some report backs at the the Telegraph Hill Forum). There remains the possibility of an appeal against the decision, but I hope the landlord will think again.

Although I opposed the plan (see earlier posts) I do not wish to join any kind of witchhunt to force the landlord out of town. I really hope that the pub survives, in fact part of the reason why I objected to the lap dancing plans was that it would no longer really be a public house. I have had a couple of memorable drinks there myself and chatted to the landlord who was friendly enough to me. It could certainly do with brightening up a bit, but the place has plenty of potential, a good location and space for music and dancing.

The landlord is not without his supporters, but some of them are not really helping the future survival of his pub. Over at the Millwall fans forum House of Fun, there's been some discussion about this, basically suggesting that people should stop worrying about strippers when there's more important things to oppose like an Afghan Community Centre in the area and 'a dubious club a few doors up, looks like an Africans only place' (presumably a reference to Scenarios - get up to date lads, it's been closed for ages). The same guys regularly seem to spend more time on the forum spouting racist nonsense about everything under the sun than talking about football - though they do get pulled up on it by other Millwall fans who are definitely not all racists, contrary to popular prejudice and BNP/NF fantasies.

Someone posted some anonymous comments here last night too seemingly implying that the closure of local pubs was the result of some liberal lefty drive which was forcing 'common white people' to move to Bexleyheath. Well I've posted lots here against closing local pubs and about the history of 'common white people' (like me), but I also think 'common black people' are just as much part of our area. Why shouldn't there be an Afghan Community Centre in New Cross, there's plenty of English people in Aghanistan, most of them in uniform admittedly.

People who really care about pubs surviving should think about whether their behaviour is part of the problem. Because who really wants to take their kids or girlfriend/boyfriend to a pub that is dominated by racist pissheads giving off loads of attitude to people they judge as 'off the manor'.

(Comment welcome but racist comments will be deleted - if you don't like it start your own blog)


Anonymous said...

I suspect the references to the other club(s) a few houses up the road could be about De Lords Canteen or Goddis (both fit the description, and both were mentioned by local residents in at least one or two complaints in the paperwork for the White Hart license variation)

. said...

Well I don't know enough about the specifics of these places to know whether they could be judged as being in any way 'dubious', but the tone of the original discussion on HoF seemed to suggest that the fact of being frequented by Africans dubious in itself.

Anonymous said...

Does Transpontine know if they are going to appeal the decision or try to attract custom in a more enlightened way (i.e. bands, food, redecorating, better promotion of the venue)?

. said...

The landlord is appealing, first hearing at Magistrates Court on 15th October 2008.