Friday, October 10, 2008

New Cross Hip Hop and Grime

Google doesn't always give you what you want. Searching for some recent urban music from this part of the world threw up some strange results. I searched under "New Cross" grime and google came up with 'Did you mean: "new cross" crime ' (no, cheeky bastards). Deptford threw up Lewisham Deptford Conservatives (not linking to them on principle): 'We need to tackle crime, grime and litter', as well as a reference to the 17th century indictment of Sir Thomas Grime of Lewisham (good MC name, someone should use it).

Still did come across this, Destination Deptford (via YY Dexter):


Also this, Monson Bloodset - New Cross:

Like this one musically, and extra points for it being about New Cross, not sure about some of the sentiments - 'Hld tite all da Monson Soldiers'. Does the world really need any more soldiers, official or unofficial? Increase the peace people, make music not war.

Anyone got any other local recommendations on a grime, hip hop or dubstep wavelength?


Anonymous said...

Seen the first video before. "Brrrap", indeed.

mike cupcake said...

Split up now sadly, but Ashok were a great band from these parts:

bob said...

I think Bashy (part of the same eski scene as Wiley) is from NW London, but the video of his "Black Boys" is made in NX. It's a nice song, but a little un-grimey as grime goes.

Elite Team are quite inventive lyrically, but not great musically. They're from NX, and namecheck Deptford in their flow. See

Bossman is cool - quite mad rapping, overly bombastic production.

DaVinChe is talented, but much too garage-y, and is from somewhere near our manor.

Soul Soldiers (not sure of the spelling - maybe with some Zs) are from the Pepys, and are more UK hip hop than grime: very rough and raw sound, violent lyrics. I've got some on CD somewhere - I'll try to post some if I can work out how