Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Albert Lee: a Greenwich Guitar Hero

Guitar legend Albert Lee played at Greenwich Dance Agency last week. Lee is best known for his work playing with Emmylou Harris and Eric Clapton. He was born in Shropshire but grew up in South East London. He told last week's South London Press (26 September 2008) that his family were driven out of Greenwich by a V1 rocket bomb in World War Two, but moved back after the war to live in Tunnel Avenue.

'My father worked at the gas works close to where the Dome now sits. When the family grew up we moved up to Kidbrooke where my folks lived until about 1996; I lived in Kidbrooke, Blackheath Village and Charlton. There was a lot of extended family the area. The Lees are Gypsies who had long since given up the road. The schools that I attended were Dreadnought, Calvert Road [later to become Annandale], then up the hill to the Roan School'.

Here he is on fine form with his song 'Country Boy':

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