Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Cross 'Unglamorous' Shock

Deptford Girl mentions, regarding Princess Beatrice's arrival at Goldsmiths College, that Deptford has always been a royal slum. Indeed slumming it at college is nothing new - although Princess B. is apparently not actually living in the area, preferring the accommodation in St James Palace.

Still we have to take issue with the Daily Mail which reported that 'Beatrice picked Goldsmiths in unglamorous New Cross to study because it is one of the few universities to offer the degree course that she wanted'. New Cross is surely a glamourfest compared to the Tory Party conference and other horror shows promoted in the Daily Hate.

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Deptford Girl said...

Apparently she is studying History. A rare course indeed. She should read my latest post. I'd have loved it if she'd decided to stay in those halls by the venue. Hope you're enjoying the blog. DG