Friday, January 23, 2009

Brockley Ukuleles on Location

Corrie and Kate (from Brockley Ukulele Group) entered Bushman's World Ukulele Video Contest with this short film shot last month and featuring them performing an ambitious mash up of early 90s pop hits at locations including Brockley MOT Centre, Hilly Fields and the Brockley Footpath (next to Nunhead Cemetery):

Apparently there may be more to come - read about C&K's Uke Hunts project here.


Anonymous said...

Ab Fab
made my evening
great girls

that video lookes great lots of hard work


East Dulwich fan

katian said...

Actually we entered ourselves. Robert is my brother who entered with this (which I self-sabotagingly shot for them on our parents roof on Christmas morning):
Congrats to my bros who placed 5th! We sadly didn't place at all but still had a lot of fun making it...

more of the story:

Thanks for the post/ SE London love!

Transpontine said...

OK I'm going to edit that - on youtube it implies it was your brother who put it in. You definitely should have won! Neil

Anonymous said...

How about doing a version of the old IWW "Wobbly" song
Rebel Girl
based on the bread and roses strike at Lawerence

Great work - keep smiling

Anonymous said...

love it

Anonymous said...

Very original song! Corrie has a great voice.

Anonymous said...


and katie a great actress
and her voice isnt bad either

Anonymous said...

let see another video soon girls

we love it