Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Fox in Vesta Road

When I lived outside of London I used to go hunt sabbing, spending Saturdays in a van chasing round the countryside trying to get between the unspeakable and the uneatable. In all that time I rarely saw a fox, other than the odd streak of red tearing across a field with hounds and horsey toffs in hot pursuit.

In London I see foxes all the time - but rarely one as healthy and comfortable looking as this one, sleeping soundly on the pavement in Vesta Road this morning at about 8 am, oblivious even to me and my dog. I actually thought it must be dead, but then it opened its eyes.


Anonymous said...

wait till Camerons nasty Tories, bring back fox hunting

Anonymous said...

Urban foxes are mentalists. It really cheers me up!