Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday in the Amersham

A busy Amersham Arms last night for the latest Brockley Ukulele Group 'Uke Box'. Once again the most requested song was The Cure's Friday I'm in Love, but there were some new numbers including The Book of Love (Magnetic Fields) and Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones). A man collapsed and had to be carried out in all the excitement - or was it just the beer? Another night there is planned soon - watch out for confirmation of the date.

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fabhat said...

As someone who was sat dangerously close to the man carried out - it was definitely the beer - that, or an M15 plot because of the things he knows (taps nose mysteriously).

Other than that it was a good, if cold, night. Love hearing in appropriate songs played on uke and kazoo. Perhaps the shouting out system needs some work, esp if you have a group of over-excitable students on constant shriek out!