Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BUG meets Superman

Brockley Ukulele Group's most recent Sunday session at the Amersham Arms (8th March) was fairly packed and was enlivened by the support of Superman Revenge Squad. The latter had some good pop culture referencing storytelling songs (did I imagine it, or did one song really mention Brookside's Billy Corkhill?), with rapid fire spoken word sections. A couple of songs about his beloved Croydon too - one of which, When Everyone's Dead, imagined spending the end of the world as the last man alive wandering around the Whitgift Centre.

BUG's next Sunday Uke Box is at the Amersham Arms on April 12th - flyer below.

(nb - the photo on the flyer was taken in Washington in 1920, it is not actually a photo of BUG!)

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