Saturday, March 28, 2009

London and Brighton

The London and Brighton pub in Queens Road (SE15) closed last year, another casualty in the replacement of pubs by housing: London & Quadrant Housing Trust are planning to redevelop the site with flats. For the time being though it is still functioning as some kind of social space, as the pub has been squatted and used for gigs and parties. It has also been redecorated on the outside with this mural:


max said...

The George on the corner of George Lane and Rushey Green SE13 is also an interesting building that L&Q bought and has been granted planning permission for its demolition and replacement with housing and a commercial space on the front.
There hasn't been any furore about it as the place had indeed become truly awful, possibly the worst pub in Lewisham (see comments on the page linked on opening of my comment), although I see that there were 6 objections to the application. I don't know what were the grounds for objection though, unlikely to be about the loss of a community facility, more likely they were about the loss of a handsome historic building.

Unknown said...

I have recently attended one of the events held at the London and Brighton, organsied by its very friendly new occupiers.

I think its great to see such a space being used in such a vibrant and creative way.

The squatters in the London and Brighton are doing a lot more for the local comunity than any development of the site would.
Give the building to them I say.