Friday, September 11, 2009

All over Battersea

It's been a while since I posted on South London Songs - basically the never ending effort to catalogue songs that reference a Transpontine location. Battersea is a bit far from our New Cross/Brockley/Deptford comfort zone but is undoubtedly south of the river and therefore eligible for inclusion!

So let us tip the hat to Stephen Patrick Morrissey for his song 'You're the One for Me, Fatty', the chorus of which features the immortal line 'All over Battersea, Some hope and some despair'

What is about Moz and Battersea? He played a gig at Battersea Power Station in 1997 and the place also features on the back cover of his 1990 Bona Drag album. There's also a bootleg of a 1991 Morrissey gig in Cologne with the title 'Battersea Patisserie'. Anybody know why?

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