Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Palace Puma Again

We love a good South London alien big cat story, even if as sceptical Forteans we keep an open mind on whether there's really anything out there more mysterious than a misrecognised dog or domestic cat. Latest tale of a tail is from Crystal Palace:

'A mysterious animal dubbed the Palace Puma has been spotted again. Two 14-year-olds claim to have seen the big cat - first spotted in Woodland by Fox Hill last month - outside Crystal Palace Park two weeks ago. Kaz Johnson-Salami said he was walking along Thicket Road at 7am when he saw a cat “the size of a Great Dane”. The Streatham teenager, who was staying with his sister in Crystal Palace, said: “We saw it on the other side of the road. It was a huge black cat with bright eyes.'

Full story at Newsshopper, 7 September 2009

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