Monday, September 14, 2009

Seizure on Harper Road

Roger Hiorns caused a stir last year with his work Seizure in an empty council flat at 151-8 Harper Road, SE1. It was created by filling the flat with copper sulphate solution, leaving it to crystalise, and then pumping out surplus liquid to create a crystal cave. On the back of it Hiorns was nominated for the Turner Prize. Thanks to the recession, the planned demoliton of the flats has been delayed so it has been reopened for a second look. You've got until October 18th to get down there, and it's well worth it - it's beautiful.

It's open Thursday to Sunday from 11 am and admission is free. More details at Artangel.


Sarah said...

Thanks for highlighting this. I missed it the first time round and would've been gutted to have found out I'd done so a second time. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Saw this and was annoyed to think I'd missed it for the second time around - but looked at the website and it's actually open until Jan 3 next year.