Thursday, November 12, 2009

David Wiffen - Sydenham-Canadian singer

Thanks to Bob from Brockley for providing me with a rare opportunity to weave The Cowboy Junkies into the Transpontine Mythos, albeit via a rather indirect link with South East London.

For, as Bob notes, Canadian singer-songwriter David Wiffen was actually born in Sydenham in 1942 and spent his childhood in South London and Surrey before moving across the ocean at the age of 16. In the early 1970s he recorded two solo albums before his career floundered, but his song Driving Wheel (Lost my Driving Wheel) has been covered by many artists including The Byrds, Tom Rush, Brothers of a Feather (Chris and Rich Robinson from Black Crowes) and The Cowboy Junkies (it's on their live album, 200 More Miles):


bob said...

I'm so glad that one of my favourite bands, the Cowboy Junkies, have found a place in the mythos, and so proud to have played a part in that.

If Deptford is the Mississippi Delta, and New Cross is New Orleans, is Sydenham the Ontario of South London?

Deptford Dame said...

Do you think we can get them to play the Albany? They seem to have plenty of fans round here!

Transpontine said...

Possibly, if we can trick them into thinking it's actually Fort Albany, Ontario.