Friday, November 20, 2009

Lady Danga

Flicking round the dial in search of pirate radio action last weekend, spent some time listening to reggae and dancehall on Mystic FM (98.1), including live chat from South London's Lady Danga. The sometime UK Dancehall Queen dancer is now putting out tracks herself - check out her Youtube channel. Not sure what part of the Southlands she is from, but she's having a night at Club Simba in Woolwich tonight (November 20th).

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Gypsy Lantern said...

My favourite South London reggae station is Galaxy FM, which goes out on 99.5FM on weekends and broadcasts online 27/7 here:

My favourite DJ on there is the Variety Man on a Sunday night between 8-10pm, as he mixes it up a bit - as his name suggests - occasionally pulling out a Nat King Cole set or a Nina Simone set alongside the reggae.

I also really like Queen Genius, King Genius, Phantom, Fisherman and Mr Cougan. I listen to Galaxy pretty much every weekend, and they play some great stuff.