Monday, November 09, 2009

Lewisham War Memorials

Continuing with the World Wars One and Two remembrance theme, Lewisham Local History and Archives Centre is hosting the interesting Lewisham War Memorials wiki, seeking to document the various local war memorials that exist or have existed. There are 10 for Brockley, 19 for Deptford and 15 for New Cross, among many others.

I find the ones that have vanished particularly poignant. For instance at the long gone South East London Synagogue in New Cross there was a memorial dedicated on 19 March 1922: 'Solid Brass Menorah: a candelabrum with sockets for nine candles, each socket inscribed with the name and date of death of one of the men who lost their lives in the war'. As neither the Memorial or the Synagogue now exist (unless somebody has the former somewhere) let us remember Joseph S. Heron, David Barmes, Lionel Goldston, Godfrey Levy, Lewis Levene, Bennett Chart, Philip Barnett, Montague Spurling and Philip Frank.

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