Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hole in New Cross

On 22 August 1991, Hole played at the Venue in New Cross, along with Mudhoney. As mentioned here before, Kurt Cobain and the rest of Nirvana were in the audience that night. Some great footage of Courtney Love & co. playing that night has surfaced on youtube, pretty awesome stuff it is too:

More from this gig here and here



Uff! I was there. Was more excited about Mudhoney back in the day. What about when Melvins played there around that time too. Blimey, I was there too when it was still the Harp Club and the newly reformed Wire played there much earlier. I shall be rocking out to The Ex next week in North London (who I first saw play in 1985 in Woolwich!!). Gadzooks!

Transpontine said...

The biggest crowd I ever saw at the Venue was when Chumbawamba played - a quick google search shows that it was on 26 January 1992 and Credit to the Nation and Back to the Planet were also on the bill. The queue went right round the corner.

full_beard said...

What a shame that the Venue doesn't start putting on bands again, instead of the shoddy tribute acts and naff club nights the provide us with now.