Sunday, January 24, 2010


The links on this site have been woefully out of date, so I have had a bit of an edit. So it's hello to:
A Room of One Zone, good stuff from Deptford Marmoset including joining the wonderful Caroline's Miscellany in the search for the great ghost signs of South London.

Greenwich Industrial History - not only does what it says on the tin, but can probably tell you that that tin was made at Tinmakers & Sons in Woolwich in 1923.

Sydenham & Forest Hill Society - quality rather than quantity at Steve Grindlay's blog.

Swimsuit Issue - New Cross-based feminist blogger, not too much local-specific content, but impeccable politics and music taste.

... and it's goodbye to:

- Someday I will treat you good - Andrew broke his blogging addiction and hasn't posted for over a year. Sure he's up to something, but not quite sure what - move over Miliband, next leader of the Labour Party?

Don't Ask Nothing/Deptford Arts Network - site has vanished, perhaps they have moved on and decided Peckham is the new Deptford? Or, hazard for people doing interesting things in SE London, headed off to Shoreditch thinking it's Hollywood/the Emerald City. It isn't and the wizard is a fake.

The Man from Catford - deleted his blog :-( Have said it before in my sometime historian guise, but hey people blogger is free, unless your blog was so personally embarrassing that it would compromise you for it to exist, please don't delete it. In ten years time (maybe sooner), your seemingly trivial observations about details of life in your ends will be gold dust to somebody.

Kate - another good blogger missing in action.

In the music links I have taken out Moonbow Jake's (closed) and updated Rocklands/Music Tourist Board plus added a few South London-based bloggers including Decks and the City, Rouge's Foam, Punch Brothers Punch and The London Nobody Sings . As for record labels I have left in Angular even though they have left the hood, their New Cross roots are still showing, and added No Pain in Pop.

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Andrew Brown said...

I wasn't sure I could - break the addiction - but actually it's quite pleasant being a lurker with no obligations.

As for being up to something, not so much; or rather way too much, but not on the politics side of life.

Still the blog's still there should something pop into my head that absolutely needs saying...