Thursday, January 28, 2010

In search of The Deptford Wives

The Deptford Wives is such an obvious pun on the Stepford Wives that it has been used a few times - there was an episode of Radio 4 Sci-Fi comedy Nebulous with this title in 2006, a local band of that name, and a song title by Hatcham Social.

But what I'd really like to find out more about is an 1984 film. The BFI database has some limited information about it, stating that it was made by Bethnal Green Women's Film Collective and sponsored by Tower Hamlets Arts Association. Those involved included Virginia Heath, Zuni Luni, Robyn Forbes, Angela Preece and Stef Heinrich.

It is described as 'Feminist science fiction. Women are forced back into the home under constant surveillance, and find ways and means to rebel'.

Intriguing - does anybody know more about it? Was it actually shot in Deptford? Does anyone even have a copy of it lying around that could be used for a showing?

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ella said...

Have you tried checking the Mediateque at the BFI? They have most loads of stuff from their archives, last time I was there I saw a short film about the changing face of Camberwell and Peckham..