Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ellen Rogers

Seemingly New Cross-based photographer (and sometime No Pain in Pop associate) Ellen Rogers gets interviewed by Matthew Sheret at Global Comment. The article starts with a little SE14 vignette: 'Maybe it’s the coffee, but on the way into New Cross the graffiti only seems to say ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’. Alongside the railway line, for what seems like a full five minute stretch, mounds of garbage and industrial waste hurtle and spill, a vista of twisted white metal, most of it less than a decade old. It’s now just trashed and dashed between old railway arches and cracked shutters, poked at by men in yellow jackets riding yellower machines, sharp and torn and used. It’s hateful, but London puts up with it... and suddenly I’m not on the train anymore. I’m in a cafe surrounded by the fsssssh-pak of an espresso machine and the retro-jazz of New Cross with photographer Ellen Rogers'.

Alan Moore and Kenneth Anger get name checked, and indeed some of her images would be at home in the Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernity exhibition featured here recently. For instance this image from her 'Morrigan follows her now' series reminds me of a Victorian spiritualist photograph:

ⓒ Ellen Rogers

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