Thursday, February 25, 2010

Travellers Film Night in Bermondsey

At Shortwave Cinema (10 Bermondsey Square, SE1), there's a 'Siege of Dale Farm' film night next Tuesday 2 March, 7 pm start.

Dale Farm is a travellers site in Basildon facing imminent eviction. Richard Sheridan, President of The Gypsy Council says: 'the local council has set aside nearly three million pounds to clear some 100 of our families from the district - a move against a vulnerable minority clearly designed to win votes from the extreme right (the BNP has 4000 supporters here). Already Basildon District Council has engaged the notorious Gypsy eviction specialists Constant & Co. to do their dirty work... At Dale Farm, God willing, we can hel turn the tide of racism that has been sweeping over Roma in all parts of Europe. Please stand with us'.

London No Borders will be showing a number of films about Dale Farm and the eviction of Travellers, and will be discussing how support can be given to the struggle against what is experienced by them as ethnic-cleansing. Suggested donation: £3

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