Friday, February 05, 2010

New Deptford History Blogs

Not one, but two new Deptford history blogs!

Old Deptford History's title is self-explanatory. This one will certainly be giving Caroline's Miscellany and Transpontine a run for our money, combining as it does some proper archival research with an interesting family history angle particularly focused on Albury Street.

Already some good material up on the Irish National League (local headquarters at 35 Albury Street) and a folklore goldmine about 34 Albury Street. Family stories, backed up by press cuttings from 1950 and 1977, tell of a haunted attic, a hidden doorway, and a local legend of secret assignations there between Lord Nelson and his lover Lady Caroline.

Then there's Shipwright's Palace, focusing on the maritime history of Deptford. Only a few posts so far, but again looks very promising with some referenced research, architectural drawings and much more.

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