Friday, December 03, 2010

Deptford Red Rector in Searchlight

In the November issue of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight there's an interview with Father Paul Butler, the Rector of St Paul's Church in Deptford. Paul, aka the Red Rector, is co-convenor of the Society of Sacramental Socialists. As well as denouncing racism and the BNP, he talks about his Christian socialist views and reveals an eclectic mix of 'non biblical heroes' including Karl Marx, Woody Guthrie, Emma Goldman, Toni Negri, St Francis of Assisi, Leonard Cohen and The Fall. I once went with him and another friend to see the Alabama 3 at Brixton Academy, so can vouch for his music taste.

(nb - you have to buy the magazine to read the full article, Searchlight do not publish all material online - details from the website)

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