Friday, December 03, 2010

Art Against Cuts in New Cross tomorrow

This weekend (December 4th -5th) sees the Arts Against Cuts Long Weekend at Goldmsiths College Student Union in New Cross. According to the organisers:

'For 48 hours, Goldsmiths will become a furnace of creativity, a place to re-imagine resistance against the cuts. The Long Weekend will reclaim the public, critical space that universities and art schools should be. We will transform the buildings into a living laboratory, an art school for the future, which brings together art students, artists, cultural workers and those fighting the cuts from across the UK to share in defiance... against the relentless marketization of our education and our lives. We will share knowledge and skills; we will collaborate across disciplines, ages and backgrounds; we will turn our imagination and desires into tools of disobedience. We will make sure that all the knowledge, ideas,tools and projects which emerge from the event will be disseminated and put into action in streets and public spaces across the country and be shared by all those in the anticuts movements.

The Long Weekend will be a feast of non stop workshops and presentations, slide shows and films, how-to sessions and skill shares, and a free space for spontaneous creation of events, actions and expressions. Its not important what art is but what it does, and right now it has the potential to turn the crisis of cuts into an opportunity for change...'

All welcome to drop-in (you don't have to be an artist or at Goldsmiths), it starts at 10 am Saturday and finishes at 11:30 pm on Sunday.

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