Thursday, December 30, 2010

Radio Kent 1967

From the counter-cultural paper International Times, number 13, May 27 1967, a report of a pirate radio station in South London:
'TERRY VACANTI, a 21 year old former lens maker, ran a pirate radio station, Radio Kent, for six months in the heart of South London. Vacanti said that he built the transmitter for £ 3-15s "... to prove that the millions being spent by the Government on local radio at a cost to the taxpayer is a complete waste, of money".

"I fooled the GPO for six months, and I think I now have a way in which I can broadcast without being detected" he boasted. At the request of IT, Terry has drawn up a list of instructions for construction as well as a schematic diagram of the transmitter he used(see IT 14). Radio Kent could be heard throughout South London from Camberwell to Blackheath, and from Greenwich to Streatham. EVERY MAN HIS OWN MESSIAH.'

(the article refers to Terry Vacanti, the picture caption says Terry Vacani - I think the latter is correct, elsewhere on the internet Terry Vacani is mentioned as a DJ on the Irish pirate station Eastside Radio Ireland - Terry if you're out there tell us more about your South London adventures!)

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