Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bermondsey Mods

This fine picture popped up on Urban75 recently, where it was identified as being taken in the 1960s on Tower Bridge Road, SE1. Rossi's cafe at no. 73 is now a Steak and Kebab House. Anyone remember Rossi's or these SE1 scooterists?


Anonymous said...

yeah I remember rossi café ,not the mods though as I was a rocker . wasn't the globe theatre just up the road from there.

David said...

Yep as a boy at Paragon Secondary Boys School at the "Brick" just down the Tower Bridge Road where this is, I used to go most lunchtimes for something like sausage, egg and chips with apple tart and custard to follow. Those were the days when school pupils were "allowed" out at lunchtimes. It was fairly busy and a great moderately priced working man's cafe and the premises is now a kebab chicken bar/shop. This was about 1968 - 1971. Going back to the 1930s onwards Tower Bridge Road had a very good Street market with many stalls which stayed open to late at night - as my late mum told me who was born in Riley Road just off Tower Bridge Rd in 1925.