Saturday, June 04, 2011

NHS Protest in Lewisham

70+ people met up outside Lewisham Hospital today and staged a mock funeral procession for the National Health Service as part of the growing tide of protest against the Government's NHS privatisation proposals.

The procession made its way from the hospital to the centre of Lewisham.


Anonymous said...

Can I just say how much I appreciate you blurring the faces? It's not that this was really a legally problematic protest, but many protests walk that fine line and I get quite irate with photographers who refuse to take any responsibility for how protest photos might be abused by police. Thumbs up from me - both for coming and for the presentation of the photos.

Transpontine said...
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Transpontine said...

I didn't so much blur the faces as not get up too close to people with my camera. My policy would definitely be not to publish any photos that could be deemed as incriminating, I think this was not in that category as it was a fairly low key local protest. I feel that it's important to document (including photograph) stuff like this so people know it's happening, but I would also want to respect the privacy of those taking part and not put up detailed close up pictures of them.