Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deptford Deli Closes Down

Sad to hear that the Deptford Deli has closed, the coffee and food was good and in the summer it was very pleasant to sit outside. There is now a 'to let' sign outside.

Dawn has been running the cafe there for a couple of years but has decided not to continue. The same building - 4 Tanners Hill - housed Utrophia's short-lived Deptford Properly cafe in 2008. They had issues with flooding and the landlord - seems that Deptford Deli also had flooding/plumbing problems there, as Brockley Central notes. Incidentally, in the 1930s the Communist Party had their Workers Bookshop and committee rooms at that address during the time Kath Duncan was active locally.

That pedestrianised end of Tanners Hill is one of my favourite bits of the local area, a reminder of what London streets looked like in the 19th century. Having a cafe there with tables outside brings it together as a public space, so it's a shame this one has gone.


Anonymous said...

That is a real shame. It was such a nice space. Wish Dawn all the best.

Brockley Nick said...

Sorry Transpontine, only just seen this. Ran something v similar on BC just now (minus the interesting history of the site :))

Anonymous said...

really really sad. I loved that place, but, the basement loos were permanently flooded