Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Cross Festival

The New Cross Festival, in Fordham Park, takes places in Fordham Park on Friday 29 July and Saturday 30 July. On the Friday evening, and all day Saturday, there will be a free programme of dance workshops and performances, live music, sporting activities in the form of the New Cross Olympics, arts and crafts, food stalls and more. Here's the schedule:

Friday 29 July

04:00pm Carnival Arts, Samba, Soca Workshops
07:00pm Community Musicians

Saturday 30 July

10:00am Carnival Arts, Samba Percussion, Soca Workshop
12:30pm Carnival Procession
02:00pm Circus Skills, Ivorian Dance, Arts & Crafts
03:00pm Fireromantics (local band)
03:30pm Griot Chinyere – African Storytelling
04:00pm Ivorian Dance Performance & Magic Book Theatre
04:15pm Open Mic Spot, Vietnamese Fan Dance
04:30pm New Cross Olympics
05:15pm A3 Dance Troupe, Pocket the Clown
05:25pm Vietnaese Lion Dance, Millwall Football Session
05:40pm Woodpecker Youth Club Performance
05:45pm Raie the Band (local soul/blues band)
06:45pm Tug O War & Competition Winners’ Presentation


eleanargh said...

Is this a new event? I don't remember hearing about it in previous years. Looks great!

dino said...

This is one of the things I miss about London. I remember many pleasant, blurry, days spent there back when it was the Fordham Festival in the 1990s. I think I remember Skunk Anansie playing there, although it is entirely possible that I hallucinated that.

kris said...

No. Not hallucinated. She was there