Saturday, July 02, 2011

Strike in Lewisham & Greenwich

Deptford Visions has some photographs of the picket line outside Lewisham College (Lewisham Way) during the national strike on June 30th. Good to see strikers with their 'fair pensions for all' placards being joined by a contingent of students in 'Flying Pickets' t-shirts.

In Lewisham 50 schools were closed by the strike (out of 89) and many others were only partially open; in Greenwich 47 schools closed, 24 partially opened and just 15 fully opened (see report in Newsshopper).

According to Martin Powell-Davies,'There were ten different picket lines outside Lewisham schools and several PCS and UCU pickets as well. £155 for our hardship fund was collected from the picket line outside Crossways Sixth Form! We got our message out early to London via a live interview for LBC radio from the picket line at St.Matthews Academy. From there, NUT members made their way to Lewisham Town Hall and then up to Charing Cross before marching over to an already packed Lincoln's Inn Fields' (photo below by Martin shows part of the Lewisham National Union of Teachers contingent on the march).

(let us know if you have any other South London strike stories)

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