Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sydenham Arts Festival - Film Night

Lots of music, theatre, film and much more still to come at Sydenham Arts Festival over the next ten days or so.

On Sunday 10th July, 8 pm, there's a Short Cuts Film Night at The Woodman Pub (110 Kirkdale, SE26 4BG). It includes an animation by Clive Shaw soundtracked by Jude Cowan (still above).


aka Clive Shaw said...

Thanks Neil!

aka Clive Shaw said...

Thanks Neil, nice screening, they showed a VHS that was made for Transpontine - Rebecca Leathlean's The Good Woman of Deptford, a documentary of Church Street women and shoplifting ("hoistin"), I think from the early/mid 90s. I think while she did a MA at Goldsmiths. She runs a shop in Sydenham now maybe you could get her work online, the 'Good Woman' stole the show (from me!) Cheers, Clive