Friday, September 02, 2011

Folkus and Drum Garden

Some amazing free music in New Cross and Deptford this weekend, featuring internationally-known artists.


Firstly tomorrow there's Folkus, the annual street party at Sanford Housing Cooperative (Sanford Walk, SE14). Actually although it starts on Saturday around noon it will be continuing all night until Sunday morning.

In the afternoon there will be the FOLKUS PICNIC with talks, and stalls about 'Empowering Sustainable Communities Through Grassroots Organizations'.

Then on the TREE OF LIFE stage from 7 pm - 4 am there will be live music including Spektrum and Viv Albertine (once of The Slits), plus DJs. More details on facebook.

Drum Garden

On Sunday September 4th from 5 pm to 7 pm there's 'Drum Garden' in The Herb Garden, MacMillan Street, SE8: 'a specially constructed performance by 10 or 11 drummers from the south east London underground, a highly motivated and vibrant scene with wildly individual players. We will be playing throughout the garden so that the sound moves across and through the space. Strategies have been devised to keep the playing fresh'. Percussionists include Charles Hayward (ex-This Heat, Camberwell Now) and David Aylward (Brain of Morbius, Blurt).

At around the same time on Sunday (5 pm - 7:30 pm), 'post-folk' outfit Manglenote will be playing at the Royal Albert, New Cross Road, as part of their Octo-pump beer and cider festival.

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