Monday, September 05, 2011

South London Smash Hits

I found some old music mags on a market stall on holiday in Dorset, and spotted these early 1980s transpontine beauties.

Kate Bush of Brockley (from Smash Hits, May 15 1980)

David Sylvian of Japan, and of Beckenham/Catford/Sydenham (from Smash Hits, February 4 1982).


William Newman-Norton said...

I taught David Sylvian when he was still known as David Batt at Catford Boys' School. He was always smartly turned out; polite, well behaved and friendly. He got on with his work and, unlike his younger brother, who became Steve Jansen, did not attract a great deal of attention. Richard Barbieri, who was also in the group, was a similar character, though probably more outgoing. Neither struck me as likely to male such a name for themselves. By contrast, the late Mick Karn (Antony Michaelides) was a colourful, "arty" character at school and it was no surprise to learn that he had gravitated towards the pop world.

I am sure they deserved their success.

Anonymous said...

I am Nick Savva
I was a good friend of the late Jack Stafford when I was at catford school. You use to teach RE.
I remember visiting you with Jack at your flat in Lee High Road around 1975