Saturday, September 17, 2011

Woodland Wonders

Woodland Wonders is a free public art installation in Nunhead Cemetery’s restored Anglican chapel, with the work themed around wood. It is curated by Jolanta Jagiello.

The outstanding work for me was a deceptively simple piece by Jayne Lloyd, with a bowl of water and a dancing leaf suspended by a thread. It was mesmerising watching the shifting reflections, the photos can't do justice to the movement so you'll have to get down and see it yourself.

Other work included Sara Scott's sculpted heads...

... and the McKenzie family's Museum of Diseased Wood:

The exhibition is open again this weekend and next weekend, incluidng some Open House tours of the chapel crypt today and tomorrow. Performances include poetry and song (see flyer below).

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Deptford Pudding said...

On a similar note, this Sunday there is a replanting of William Blake's oak on Peckham Rye.
In 1765 at the age of 8, William Blake saw his first vision while
walking on Peckham Rye. 'A tree filled with angels, bright angelic wings
bespangling every bough like stars.'