Monday, April 14, 2014

Music Monday: Akwaba and Lewisham Bridge Primary School Choir 1983

Last week I was DJing at the Agit Disco benefit for Housmans bookshop at the Surya Bar in Islington, also on the bill was John Eden (Uncarved) who kindly gave me this record he had found in his crate digging for reggae classics and obscurities.

'El Condor Pasa' by Akwaba is a cover in a lovers rock style of the Simon and Garfunkel song. It was released on Small Axe records in 1983 and recorded at Mad Professor's Ariwa Studio, which as we have established here before was at 42 Gautrey Road SE15 in this period. Not one of the greatest productions from this studio, but what is of Transpontine interest is that it features 'Garry Hall and the Lewisham Bridge Primary School Choir'. I don't know any more about it than that, but would be interested if anybody who was at the school at that time, or was even in the choir, can tell us more.

If someone who sang on it comes forward with the story, they can have the 7" single as a prize!


Clare G said...

Hi, I was one of the children who sang on this song along with my twin sister. We were 10 years old and I recall it as being so much fun to record a record. We also had pictures taken by the local press after recording the song but I can't find any of these.

Please get in touch if you would like to here more. I would love to hear about the reaction you get when you play the song.

Clare G said...

Hi, I was one of the children that sang on the song along with my twin sister. We were 10 years old. I remember it was so much fun and were thought were were stars going to a studio to record a song. We also had pictures taken after recording by the local press but I can't find any of these.

Get in touch if you want to hear more. I would like to know what reaction you get from listeners of the song.

Unknown said...

Hi Transponite team, I am Gary Hall, featured on this song as a 7yr old, playing percussion. My father Patrick was the founder of Small Axe records and sang on this song. I'm truly amazed to have found this and will definitely be sharing this. Thank you so much this has made my day and transported me back 31 years in a matter of seconds!!

Anonymous said...

Hi clare I was there too, it's Michael not going to bother with my last name only initial M look for me on Facebook

Transpontine said...

Great to hear from you Gary, did you and your family live round Lewisham?

Unknown said...

Hi, Brandie here,
I have been looking for this single for years to play for my kids! Thank you so much Michael for sharing this!! Do you guys remember how excited we were to get bought take away for lunch?? Lol. Am I right in remembering a blonde girl called Esther with us? Also Gina? Xx