Tuesday, April 22, 2014

South London Anti Fascists meeting tomorrow

On Sunday 27th April far right fragment 'March for England' is planning to march in Brighton, and anti-fascists are mobilising to stop them. According to Anti-Fascist Network

'For the last few years there has been an annual far-right event in Brighton held around St George’s Day in April. The “March for England” which is confusingly both an organisation and an event has held a march through the town to ‘celebrate’ St George’s Day since 2008... Campaign group Stop the March for England has organised thousands of local Brighton residents to take to the streets to oppose the racists, seeing them massively outnumbered and being escorted totally surrounded by police through huge crowds of jeering heckling Brightonians' (more here).

South London Anti Fascists will be heading to Brighton, and those interested in joining them are invited to a public meeting/briefing tomorrow night (Wednesday 23 April). Meet at 7:00 pm sharp by the Marquis of Granby, 322 New Cross Road, from where people will head to the meeting venue.

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