Friday, April 25, 2014

Radical Housing Weekend in New Cross

An interesting programme of talks, films and visits in New Cross this weekend as part of the Radical Housing Network's London-wide Housing Weekender events.

On Saturday 26 April there will be films from 2 pm at New Cross Learning, whille in Cafe Crema (306 New Cross Road) talks will start at 1 pm, with speakers including:

'Jon Glackin on……Street Homelessness: Jon Glackin from World Homeless Action Movement is a street homeless campaigner who currently works supporting those on the streets with soup runs and advocacy. Jon will be speaking about the encroaching criminalization and discrimination of the homeless, such as the Met Police’s Operation Encompass and the banning of soup kitchens in certain areas. He will also be outlining the ways in which homeless people are self-organising and providing basic services for themselves.

Owen Hatherley on….. Urban Blight: Owen Hatherley is a journalist and writer, author of several books and articles around the issue of housing and urban architecture, including Militant Modernism, A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain and This Property is Condemned. Owen will be speaking about bad architecture, poor design and the take-over of our cities by profit-driven corporativism.

Jon Broome on……Self-Build: Jon Broome, self-builder and one of the UK’s leading self-build architects who worked with Walter Segal using an innovative building method which made self-build easy, accessible, and affordable. Groups like the Lewisham Self-Builders adopted this approach in the 1980′s, and was later used to good effect at various sites in Lewisham, Southeast London, Brighton and elsewhere. He will outline: What we mean by self-build, What are the potential benefits, Examples of people who have done it, Who can take part, Participatory design, Low energy building and Sustainable neighbourhoods'.

There will also be an opportunity to tour two local Housing Co-ops:

SANFORD HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE:  Established in 1973, Sanford is currently celebrating its 40th year as an independent housing co-operative. Tours will be running during the day, exploring the gardens, fish ponds, renewable energy measures, and looking inside the 8-person shared houses.

NETTLETON ROAD HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE: Nettleton Co-op was established in the late 1970’s/ early 1980’s, when derelict council houses that had been squatted were turned into a housing co-operative. Nettleton co-op is made up of a number of terraced houses on a pedestrianised street, and is renowned for its annual community street-party.

Further details/full programme here

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