Sunday, October 09, 2011

Kit and Cutter Return to Old Nun's Head

Kit & Cutter's Adventures in Pre-Modern Music folk nights are always a treat, and they have another one coming up in a couple of weeks on Saturday 22nd October 2011 at The Old Nuns Head, Nunhead Green, SE15. They say:

'Will Duke and Dan Quinn play traditional songs from our small densely populated island on melodeon and concertina. Redolent in the busy history, and steeped in the sounds of the South, they perform with a dry wit and friendship built over many years as musical comrades. They sing in unison with a natural sympathy rarely found outside of families. It’s a treat to be welcomed into their company for the evening.

Ayarkhaan hail from a very different landscape. Yakust is on the outskirts of Siberia, where less than a million people inhabit a space as large as India. This isolation has helped the preservation of this most distinctive of musical traditions: the three striking ladies who comprise the band sing in unearthly harmony, play the local variant of the Jews harp, the Khomus, and imitate the sounds of nature, birds and air. Not to be missed'.

Plus the usual high quality floor singers and much more. Worth £5 of everybody's money (facebook event). See review here of their last event and an earlier event at the late lamented Deptford Arms.

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