Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deptford Pudding and Flying Pickets

Deptford Pudding is a newish blog with tales of food and more. Did you know that there actually is dessert called Deptford Pudding? This blog has the recipe, plus stuff about SE London beekeepers and memories of the local music scene in the early 1980s (Squeeze) - including this 'Today Deptford, Tomorrow the World' T-shirt obtained from the Albany in 1980.

The same t-shirt was worn on Top of the Pops at Christmas 1983 by Brian Hibbard of The Flying Pickets when the band went to number one in the singles charts with their cover of the Yazoo song 'Only you'. The Flying Pickets played regularly at the Albany and the Duke in Deptford before their success, and indeed gave a gold disc to the landlord of the Duke, Erich Höfer. The band was originally formed by actors who had been involved in the radical theatre company 7:84 ('7% of the population own 84% of the wealth'). They had a 1982 live album 'Live at the Albany Empire' and also performed a track called 'Last Round-Up in Deptford'.


Deptford Pudding said...

Thanks, what a wonderful clip, I'd no idea it was on youtube. said...

I have one of those t-shirts too.I swapped a rough shirt with Kieth Allen for it.